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Sofeware Project Management Plan


1.1 Project Overview

To develop a sofeware product that will assist the Martha Stockton Greengage Foundation (MSG) in making decision regarding home mortgages for married couples. The product will allow client to add, modify, and delete information of Foundation's investment.


The time, budget, and personel requirement are as follow:

Requirements phase (1 week, Team A, $2,000 include travel expense)

Specification phase (1 days, Team A, Team B and SQA Team, $1,450)

Planning phase (1 days, Team B, and SQA Team, $1,250)

Design phase ( 2 days, Team B, and SQA Team, $2,500)

Implementation phase (1 week, Team C,$ 21,000)

Integration phase (3 days,Team B and SQA Team, $3,750)

The total development time is 3 week and total internal cost is $38,950


1.2 Project deliverable

Completed source code, user manual and technical reference will be delivered within 3 weeks after project commence. Training also provides to client with Team D


1.3 Evoluation of the SPMP

All change in SPMP must be agree to by SQA Team and signed off by the president.


1.4 Reference materials

Company's CASE tool, program libraries, and others testing tools.


1.5 Definitions and Acronyms

MSG-Martha Stockton Greengage Foundation

SPMP-Sofeware project management plan


2.Project Organization

2.1 Process Model

The sofeware process will use waterfall model with rapid prototyping. Team B are used to develop the prototype and test by team B ans SQA Team. The implementation will responsible for team C under advised of team B and SQA team. Team B ans SQA Team also responsible for integration phase and tesing the final product.


2.2 Organizational structure

Organization consists of four teams as

Team A: 2 members: cost per day is $100 for each member

Team B: 5 members: cost per day is $100 for each member

Team C: 40 members: cost per day is $100 for each member

Team D: 10 members: cost per day is $100 for each member

SQA Team: 3 members: cost per day is $250 for each member


2.3 Organizational boundaries and interfaces

All team must report to SQA team. SQA team will meet the client every week to report the progress of product and possible changes.


2.4 Project responsibilities

The responsibilities of each team are outlined in the introduction.


3. Managerial Process

3.1 Managerial Objectives and Priorities

The objective is to deviler a fault-free product to the client on time and within budget. Each team will work seperately on their assignments. SQA team will monitor on every end of day about the progress of product.

SQA team will meet the client every week to report progress and determined any changes.


3.2 Assumptions, Dependencies,and Constrains

Constraints are listed as below

The deadline must be met.

The budget constraints must be met.

The product must be a fault-free.

The architectual of product must be open for additional modules.

The product must be a GUI.

The product must be run on WINDOW OS.


3.3 Risk management

Financial transaction must be extensively testing to prevent from any fault or wrong calculation of interest.

The product should be as much user friendly as possible since the client is assume to be inexperience in computer usage.


3.4 Monitoring and Controlling Mechanisms

SQA team will monitor report every end of the day.


3.5 Staffing Plan

The working period of each team are descriped in introduction.


4. Technical Process

4.1 Methods, Tools, and Techniques

The rapid prototyping written using JAVA. The specification written using object-oriented analysis.


4.2 Sofeware Documentation

SQA team reviews the documentation for each phase of product.


4.3 Project Support Functions

SQA team will responsible for support functions.


5.Work Packages, Schedule, and Budget

5.1 Work Packages

Modules are listed as below

1. InvestmentAdd

2. InvestmentMod

3. InvestmentDel

4. WeeklyExpenseReport




5.2 Dependencies

No work will be started untill previous phase have been approved by SQA team.


5.3 Resource requirement

Thirty PC running under WINDOWS OS and network printer


5.4 Budget and resource allocation

The budget for each phase are shown as below

Requirement Phase $2,000

Specification Phase $1,450

Planning Phase $1,250

Designing Phase $2,500

Implementation Phase $21,000

Integration Phase $3,750

Total $38,950


5.5 Schedule

Week 1: Met with the client. Completed requirement phase at the end of week.

Week 2: Specification, planning, design and some portions on implementation phase

Week 3: Completed implementation and integration phase.


Additional Components:

Security: A password will be needs to use the product.

Training: Two weeks for training after installed the product.

Product maintenance: Team D will handle this phase for 3 months. A seperate contract will be drawn up regarding enhancement.